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How do we react when AI fails?

Being an audience to internet we have seen so much of what has been done in AI already. Almost daily, I come across a fascinating AI project. This is crazy! how the super hero AI is transforming almost every industry from automobile, medicine, space, creativity, government, education and endless other domains.

Sometimes, it really challenges my sanity to think if some day AI blows up in our faces and it does not mean all the AIs at the same time. It could happen due to the fact that we have grown so ignorant of its implications and lost sight of its drawbacks. No wonder! marketing is a treacherous beast. This is the course we would not want to take when we become extraordinarily dependent on AI to handle the some or all of the sophisticated work for us. To me this is quite messed up but lets try to explain it with an analogy along with the evolution.

Since industrial revolution the rate of our evolution is accelerated exponentially, I am less concerned of this evolution being good or bad. The fact is our instincts or skills we don’t sharpen, more often than not they become rusted and over time we might even lose them. Imagine yourself in Stone Age when most of your time is consumed hunting or protecting yourself from predators. And one day suddenly all those apparent threats are gone puff puff puff! In the world of evolution, the environment is not made suitable to humans, but humans grow suitable to it, and that is the basis of adaptation. We adapt!

Adapting the change that machines will perform some of the crucial tasks like protecting the physical and mental well being of our children, makes me scared. We should be highly skeptical and concerned that the machines are eventually a software code and not nature. Code have been replaced, hacked, altered or destroyed in past and shall do so in future.

I believe what we really need is a blend of Nature and AI.

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