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Social Media Crises: Why don’t you focus on things you do instead of worrying about things others do?

Everything you do needs focus and it takes time to execute it.

Some tasks require persistence and constant practice. But these days people are constantly changing their focus and rather than focusing on themselves they want to know what others are doing. They always keep a window (in the browser as well as in mind) open looking for whats happening in lives of the people they follow.

One of the greatest modern day issues is the distraction.

Here are the consequences of too much social media.

1.  You only know good things are happening to others.
People mostly post good stuff on social media, and this creates an imbalance with real life. Reality is quite different, in real life when you physically meet someone and spend time with them, you realize how normal they are. It’s not that only good things are happening to them. they suffer and pain as much as you do.

We can try to put it in the straightforward formula:
Let’s say, you follow 100 people.
P is the number of people you follow.
G is the number of good-stuffs they post daily, let’s say on avg. 2–3.
E is your daily Encounter of this good stuff happening to others
E = G x P
E = 2 x 100 = 200
200 is your daily intake of something good happening to people you might not even know personally. Or maybe you know them but when you see all these Es, you forget the underlying reality of human life, the pain, and suffering that they don’t post online. It makes you sicker every day when these good things don’t happen to you daily.

2. Time is an asset. The time you waste online following 100s of people is the time you are not working on your own life. Alternatively, if you want to focus on yourself follow only selective positive people. Following them for guidance makes you excel in your career and life. The key is to keep it short and selective, following 100 people means following none. Try to have a personal relationship with them if possible. This shall keep you have things in a reality check.

3.Emptiness, no purpose.
Mindless following on social media with no purpose or end in mind is useless. Objectify your goals, put your heart and mind to it and start building your social relationships based on it. Each day on social media is going to get you closer to your goal, all you need is objective and focus.

Purpose makes us humans!


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